Berks Spring Assault 4!

Berks Spring Assault 4!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Blood Bowl League game 3: AGBBL: Couronne Panthers vs. Yeenoghu's Bone Gnawers (Chaos)

Game 3 of the AGGBL (season 9) started off with a bang. Facing off against the infamous "Stoner", one of my arch-nemesis, usually proves to be a challenging game. Stoner also won last season's championship, and took a break from his normal flavor of agility style teams like Elves and such. Instead, he took up the mantle of a Chaos Team, and as they were quite unskilled, he didn't expect much good to come from his team's lack of talent.

He wasn't dissapointed.

The Couronne Panthers have been experiencing a variety of times when the dice are "Hot" and critical times when they are not. Panther blitzers and lineman were breaking armor on blocks on chaos Beastmen, sending several off the pitch with Knock Out blows.

The cursed minotaur of the Bone Gnawers did manage to lay a hit on lineman #76 Jeff Otah, putting him out of commission for the next game. The Panthers will also be without catcher #81, Dwayne Jarret, who also will be missing next game, but did manage to score a touchdown in the first half.

Lack of blocking skills by the Bone Gnawers proved costly, and they were being out-smarted by the weaker, but better skilled human players, resulting in multiple turnovers at the most inopportune times. One such failed block (Double Skulls) resulted in the death of the Minotaur at the hands of Geoff Schwartz #74, who scored his 3rd casualty of the season. Geoff's deathblow to the Minotaur spelled the beginning of the end of the Bone Gnawer's day, who did manage to sneak in a score at the end of the first half.

Both teams were missing players into the second half, and the Panthers got lucky on a few blocks, sending chaos players out of bounds and the football as well, which the fans were all to happy to throw back deep into the Bone Gnawer's side of the pitch, thus preventing them from having any hope of scoring a winning TD. Instead a chaos player scooped up the ball and moved to protect it, Thus preventing any Couronne Panthers players from attemping a blitz and attempt to win the game.

An ugly fight, but the momentum swung both was in this match. I'm happy with the tie, as it is a non-loss. Three players skilled up this match, and the cather, Dwayne Jarret, who will miss the next game did manage to skill up and gained a +1 Strength!

The Panthers look to continue to chase Jkarr's Wood Elves: "The Redwood Warriors Return", who are tied for 1st in their division going into week 4. A win or tie by the Panthers will put them back into 1st place.

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