Berks Spring Assault 4!

Berks Spring Assault 4!
Berks Spring Assault 4! Warhammer 40K tournament

Berks Warhammer 40K Group

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

WFB is an excellent strategy based game, harnessing the best aspects of the fantasy world and allowing one to command armies in a cunning game of wits.   

I currently haven't played much WFB due to my heavy involvement as of late with playing Warhammer 40K, but I still have my armies and want to get more involved into this game again.

Currently I have the following armies:

* Dwarfs of Clan Steel Thunder (about 4000 points worth)
* Bretonnians (Maybe 1500 points, all unpainted)
* Orcs & Goblins (Maybe 1000 points, all unpainted)