Berks Spring Assault 4!

Berks Spring Assault 4!
Berks Spring Assault 4! Warhammer 40K tournament

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Task Force Archer.

This army is not my own, but belonging to my good friend John Tinney.   John goes by many nicknames in the gaming world:  Archer, Kensai, Sword-Saint, just to name a few.    Hailing from NJ and a tough tournament crowd, John has been around the Warhammer 40K hobby longer than most folks I know.

This page is dedicated to his variety of armies that all operate for the "good" of the Imperium of Man.  

Those forces are:   Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines: (Star Dragons chapter), and other allied forces adds need be, incluiding Grey Knights.

As I get work here on this page, I will be updating his army, since he has become one of my best friends, arch-rivals, as well as a tutor and mentor in preparing me to compete in tournament play in this hobby. John continuously wins best sporstsman in every tournament he plays. While he may not win every battle, he makes each game a pleasant competition. John will be helping author articles on his army.

by John Tinney
Star Dragons Astartes Ship Integrity
Outer edges of the Mercer System, Jersey Sector
Ship’s Captain Halstead scanned the bridge one last time before settling into his command chair. It had been a long voyage to this point in Sector Space and action was due to come if the reports were true.
The rumors of rebellion had reached Sector Command not long ago and the Imperial commander in charge requested Adeptus Astartes support. Being the current quadrant had three chapters to include the Star Dragons assigned, the Astartes leadership drew lots on who would respond initially. The Star Dragons won the draw and the Integrity, along with two squadrons of Gladius and one of Hunters, were detached and sent to investigate.

Upon arrival in sector, Halstead had ordered General Quarters on the chance that an ambush was waiting for the ship when it arrived; it would not have been the first time such happened in his long career. When nothing untoward happened when the Integrity entered the subsector, he was both relieved and concerned as the Imperial Sensor station at the jump point should have queried them upon entering.
If it was working of course.
Augur Specialist, query the Sensor buoy please"
"Aye Aye", the Chapter Serf replied as he bent over the ancient sensor controls and activated the scan.
Halstead noted activity in Fire Control- undoubtedly the team there was making sure the gun sensors and teams were all ready for possible activity. And activity there was.
"Captain," The Augur specialist called out. "The Sensor buoy has responded; data from it indicates non-Imperial Traffic is in system"."
"According to its processors and banks, the Buoy identified the drive signatures as coming from at least two Heavy Cruisers and a handful of light craft. No friendly IFF."
Halstead nodded and motioned to Navigation. "Very Well" Nav, plot us a course to the planetary Orbit. Perhaps we will catch them napping."
With that command, the Star Dragon Contingent was committed to action within the system and to resolving whatever lay before them.
Approach Vector 31, inbound to the Planet Windsor
And what lay before them was a pair of Dauntless Cruisers and a dozen escorts supporting the Mars Class Battle Cruiser Apollo. Wreckage graced the space lanes here as the Imperial Navy ships searched for life pods of any kind even as they tended their own damages.

The Arrival of the Marine ships, from what one might guess, was warmly received.
"Captain" " Comms reported. "A hail from the Apollo. A Captain Sulotnic."
"On the Viewer" Halstead said as he nodded to the two bridge visitors on the side. As the screen flashed to life, Halstead addressed it. "Greetings Captain Sulotnic. I am Fleet Captain Halstead, Astartes Chapter Star Dragons."
The sound was rather grainy but the words were easily understood. "Greetings to you Fleet Captain" I am glad you came when you did but wish you could have been here a little sooner."
"I noticed you seem to have some excitement, Captain"" The Marine said. "Care to explain and do you need any medical Assistance?"
Sulotnic grimaced slightly at the mention of excitement. "If one calls being bounced by traitors to the Throne exciting Sir. My task group encountered a pair of Luna class accompanied by a Murder and an old Revenge grand cruiser." He replied. "We managed alright but not without losing quite a bit our task force. Admiral Levant and his Flag the Emperor’s Vengence was lost with all hands." A pause. "As for medical assistance, anything you can spare would be appreciated. The light cruisers avoided major problems but as you can tell, we took a pounding."
"Very well" A moment. "A gesture silenced the mic on his end as Halstead spoke to the air. "Chief Socrates?"
"He speaks truly," The Gravelly voice of the Master Librarian said, his own eyes closed in contemplation. "HE is quite aggrieved by the losses" and genuinely believes if we were faster arriving, the Admiral would not have been lost." The man next to him merely nodded at the words as he looked to the viewer once more.
"Pity"" Halstead commented before a gesture to un-mute the mic. "Captain, I will be sending over some of my Marines and a pair of apothecaries to assist you. They should be there within the next twenty minutes."
"Thank you captain" the help is appreciated."
"It is nothing" Now, the traitors, where did they go if you know?"
"Further into the system, Captain," Was the reply. "I think they were looking to land troops on Windsor" "
A grim smile. "Well then, I suppose I should see to doing something about it. Captain, please get there when you can; as soon as the thunderhawk departs, we shall head in."
"Thank you, Captain" And good luck."
"Luck, while welcome, is needed with you and yours, Captain; especially when you can use it more than I", Halstead said. "I will see you when you get there. Integrity Clear." The signal cut off. Turning to Navigation he called out. "Once the Thunderhawk is clear, set off for Windsor, best speed- relay to the rest of the fleet."
"Aye aye" The Helm replied as he and Astrogation worked out the heading".
Halstead looked to Socrates and the man next to the Master Librarian. "Chief, I’ll do my best to get you and Commander Markus to the ground in one piece. It sounds like you might have work for you there""
The second man chuckled. "Captain, I somehow expected there would be when you got the call. I and the rest of the Detachment will be ready to remove anything festering there"." With a bow to both the Captain and the Master Librarian, he left the bridge.
Socrates and Halstead shared a look and then the psyche departed as well.