Berks Spring Assault 4!

Berks Spring Assault 4!
Berks Spring Assault 4! Warhammer 40K tournament

Berks Warhammer 40K Group

Waaagh! Karnage

Waaagh! Karnage is my Goff Space Ork army, and I have a lot of fun running them in Warhammer 40k. Orks are so fun to convert and twist and make some special models and units.

They are a challenging army to play, relying upon numbers instead of finnese and toys like Space Marines. But, their wild and unpredictable nature suits my style of game play well.

Mike B (

Ork Warlord Krogg Satogg
Warlord Krogg Satogg

From Krogg's Karnage
Krogg rose up in the ranks, first starting out as an ork Nob, or noble-ork.Through a series of victories, including his first raid upon a Tyrinid scout group, he gained notoriety by single-handedly killing a Carnifex with his 'uge choppa.
As Krogg's fame grew amongst other Goff Ork tribes, they managed to join in a few raids with Ghazkul Ulruk Thrakka.Krogg battled more smaller fights, and constantly pulled out victory after victory. Of the few battles Krogg did not win, he seemed to manage to escape to return again and fight another day.
His determination and ferociousness paid off, and soon, Krogg was promoted to Warboss status and given his own detatchment to command. He spread his band off around the quadrant looking for more battles and fame.
Krogg has had some challenges, and to this date, has only recently purged his clans' home of the watchful eye of the Inquisition. Sisters of Battle had long been fighting with Krogg's Karnage, as his warband has come to be known by.
Having now spread their seed-spores to the lost colonial planet of Gnidaer, Krogg's Karnage has found that this is a hot-spot for war. It seems that this locale was once a haven for lost technology and artefacts of old. Since then Krogg has battled every imaginable foe that seems to have some into his path.
Notable battles and credits to his name are:
*Tearing down an Ultra Marines Captain in hand to hand combat.
*Single handedly killing off a Tyranid Carnifex.
*Chasing off two more Carnifexes by himself. Causing them to run away from him.
*Crippling a Chaos Army, including their Land Raider
*Surviving point-blank range blasts from Imperial Battle Cannons
*Shrugging off direct lascannon blasts from space marines (vs. Star Dragons)
*(During an apocolypse battle), Commandeering a Chaos Land Raider for personal use.
*Killing no less than 3 Sisters of Battle Cannonesses
*Led a devestating victory against a Raven Wing Army.(all but tabling them by turn 4)
*Wiped out a band of Necron Warriors and their 2 monoliths.
*Took on a division of the Imperial Guard Hambali 501st, and decimated them.
*Had a major vicotry against a Farseer Tau warband.
*Blood Angels Dreadnought
*Captain Shrike clone
* Took on a veteran squad of IG troops, Chimera, and Valkyrie and took them down by himself.
*Countless Victories vs. the following Space Marine chapters: Dark Angels (2),Black Templars (2), Ultra Marines (3), Star Dragons (5 or 6?),Centari Marines (2), Blood Angels (1), Crimson Fists (1),
* other Xenos victories:  Dark Eldar (2), Eldar (1), Tau (2)
* Capturing of a Grey Knights Grand Master in the 3 vs 3 Battle of Berks vs.  Brave New Wolrds Game club.  (August 2011)
* Defeat of the Void Bears Space Marines (Sept 2011)
* Complete domination of a force of Black Legion Chaos Space Marines (Sept 2011).

Ork Stompa

The pride and joy of Waaagh! Karnage is no doubt the Stompa built by all the meks of the Karnage Klan.Scrapped together from parts of a crash-landed space hulk, various scrapped imperial and space marine vehicle parts from battle, and some spit, grime and luck,this armored monstrosity has given an already dangerous ork clan some serious "bite".
Armed with a Titan-class Chain-blade "Choppa",Deff-Kannon with co-axial super-gatla gun, and bristling with various big shootas and skorchas,the Stompa Known as "Gork-Zilla" is a force to be reckoned with.Last used in a major combined assault that pitted Forces of Chaos, Renegade Guardsmen and Orks in a battle to capture an imperial arms factory and strong hold,Gork-Zilla has been out for repairs since that fight.Rumor has it that it's been upgraded with more Supa-Rokkits and should be ready to rumble out for battle once again.

Deff Dread: "DA NOIZE"
This deff dread created by the ork Big Mek Gnashbar Badwrench, is pretty much a simple design but very effective. Da Noize was so named because of a quirk in it that it constantly blasts loud obnoxious and sometimes unintelligible music or other sounds. It was put together with electronic components from an entertainment deck of an imperial cruiser. Fitted with 2 WPG's(Waaagh Propelled Grenades), or Rokkit Launchas, it packs quite a punch. Seen here, Da Noize completely destroyed an Imperial Guard Chimera transport, killing 8 of it's 10 occupants, allowing the dread to close the distance and bring it's dreadnought close combat weapons in to finish them off in an assault. Da Noise is also credited with destroying a Daemonic Soul Grinder as well as a Grey Knights Captain.

Deff Dred conversion
This deff dread was built by Big Mek Xax Grotsmasha. Customized from spare parts including a defunct killa kan, an imperial guard sentinel walker as well as variouis other scavenged tractor bits, Skorponox can be custom fitted with a power-spike on it's tail, turning it into a 3rd dreadnought close combat weapon, or have weapons modified and changed, using sponsons on the sides of the "Tail Stinger" part of it's build.

Inside the dread, grot riggers sit tight, ready to jurry rig anything if the dread is damaged or immoblized.  Skorponox seems to be a gifted walker. It has been damaged and wrecked, but never beyond repair. It has withstood almost unending hails of fire from various opponents. 

To it's credit, Skorponox has taken out a Carnifex in one-on-one combat, a Soul Grinder, a pair of Imperial dreadnoughts. Also to the list, Chaos Marines, including their captain on a bike, found out how deadly the dread is and all were killed by it. Seeing an opportunity with an immobilized Blood Angels Land Raider, a surviving squad of orks from the trukk mob jumped forward, hoping to join their nob Zorgga in cutting apart the vehicle with his power claw. Their glory was stolen as Skorponox came rushing forward, cutting the raider open with its twin claws, burying its tail-stinger tipped with a skorcha (or heavy flamer) and rokkit launcha. As Skorponox fired those weapons inside the interior of the raider, it exploded, taking out a couple of the orks with it.   In recent club play, Skorponox took out a Land Raider, yet another Carnifex, and various troops.  

Ork Wartrukk
Nob Zorgga & His Wartrukk
From Krogg's Karnage
The Ork Nob "Zorgga", has joined Krogg's Karnage hailing from a band of Red Suns trukk boyz mob. They love the speed of the trukk and roar of the loud engines getting them into battle. That's where Zorgga can use his Kutstom Kombi shoota-scorcha, and power claw as he leads his ever changing (read this as constantly being replaced) mob of wild trukk boyz.

Zorgga himself has stood up to Captain Bruno of the Star Dragons, single-handedly, one of his most famous battles to date. He is also responsible for destroying a warband of the Hambali 501st, including a Bane Wolf and Hellhound tank.

Zorgga has also lost some battles, but somehow he ends up escaping while the rest of his mob is left holding off the foes. Regardless, this "acquisition" to Krogg's Karnage is here to stay and adds a different dimension to Warlord Krogg's warband.   Rumor has it now that Zorgga is looking to make something bigger, maybe not faster, but something to carry more troops and dakka into battle.    More to come on this...

Orks destroying tanks
Stormboyz Mob: DA FLYIN' CIRCUMSTANCES: (a.k.a.: Red Storm)
From Krogg's Karnage
Stormboyz try to eat a tank
Led by Stormboyz Nob "Chubby Chekkaz", this crack assault unit has had its fair share of victories and defeats. Chubby Chekkaz is strict adherer to discipline, and as a results has snatched victories from the teeth of the Imperium.   In recent tournament play, the twin mob assault of two full mobs of stormboyz has been very effective.  The rivalry between the nobs, Chubby Chekkaz and his rival, Da Red Baron, have turned into competition amngs the ork tribes in head-hunting and gathering up trophies of the heads of enemy commanders.

Warboss Atogg Satogg
Spawned from the same fungal spores that birthed Warlord Krogg Satogg, Krogg The other ork warbosses of the Magogg Cluster quickly and defiantly try to best each other to became Krogg's 2nd in command.
Former infamous such ork bosses include:
Atogg Satogg, Ungor Magogg, and Gammor Magogg (all deceaced).

Current Ork bosses:
* Gnarsh Magogg:  An upstart boss who prefers to strike hard and fast with his Big Choppa, Gnarsh (pronounced Gah-Narsh) travels light and prefers to lead smaller war band and ork kill teams.

* Tirogg Magogg:  Krogg's current 2nd in command, who filled in the vacancy from the deceased Atogg, Tirogg is a strong leader and recently took battle against both the Deathwing division of the Star Dragons as well as the Void Bears Space Marines.
O.C.C. Ork County Choppers

Part of the growing Xenos threat in the galaxy at large is the vastly surging ork warband known as Krogg's Karnage. Started originally from a prominent warboss from the Goff Clans, who waged battle under the banner of Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.
As warboss Krogg Satogg waged war throughout the galaxy, he has picked up remnants of other bands and other clans that have come to join his cause.  One such faction is the ork warbikers of the O.C.C., or Ork County Choppers. Led by the nob, (ork noble) Baul Tuttle, this crazed group of speed freaks has been revamping their war gear and rounding up loose factions of the Evil Suns and other like-minded beings.
One thing the orks of the O.C.C. bring with them besides their overpowered warbikes is their own group of ork meks (Mechanics). These mad-scientists continually tinker on their engines of war, and have outfitted the bikes with what they call "Dakka Guns", which are essentially a pair of ork made big shootas, twin-linked to fire in a forward arc. The orks only have to hold the trigger down, and can lay down a hail of fire as they ride their bikes into the enemy.
Various members of the O.C.C. continually rotate out, and of course, being the first into battle sometimes causes a high turn-over rate due to casualties. Still, there seems to be no end to the list of ork warriors who would love nothing more than to be the firsts to be "stuck in" when a battle breaks out.
Led by the Ork Nob, Baul Tuttle, the O.C.C. brings steel death and a cloud of exhaust that provides cover for them and units marching behind the fast charging orks.
The orks of the O.C.C. coming to a battlefield near you!

Boss Snikrot & Kommandos
The Karnage Kommandos:
Ork mercenaries drawn to Warlord Krogg's Banner, it was only a matter of time until some sneaky gits such as Ork Kommandos would join Waaagh! Karnage.   Mercenaries from the Blood Axe clans, it seems as if all manner of Orks are drawn to this growing Ork Waaagh!    Such fickle characters as "Dagger Toof", and the squad leader only known as "Da Green Berray" lead these orks under either the supervision of the Ork Kommando Nob Okrold Schwarzzenorker or the infamous Boss Snikrot, who has been known to lend his rippy blades to Krogg's Karnage for the promise of war and more teeth.
Ork Kommandos

Ork Green Beret

Boss Snikrot & Kommandos

Boss Snikrot

Boss Snikrot

Big Mek w/ KFF

Big Mek w/ KFF

Ork Weirdboy

Ork Weirdboy








King of the Hill Campaign
Battles Won9/17/2009 vs Hambail 501st Regiment (1500 pt Annihilation)
12/10/2009 vs Hambali 501st Regiment (1850 pt Sieze Ground Pitched Battle)

Battles Lost12/15/2009 vs Task Force Archer (1850 pt Seize Ground/Spearhead deployment)

Other Notable Battles
{unknown date} vs. Cadian 17th (1850 pt Anihilation)


Krogg's Karnage vs. Sato's Blood Angels. (Eric Bates): Commanding Victory. 2000 points, played as Dawn of War mission 1 from the Mechanicon GT rules pack. Mission was to Capture and Control 5 objective markers. Deployment was table halves.

Scoring as follows: Each objective marker was worth: 500 points.
If your most expensive unit survives: 400 points
If all your troop units survive: 400 points
If your General Survies: 400 points
If none of your opponents units are in deployment zone: 300

(4000 points is maximum total).

Krogg's Karnage finished off the Blood Angels General, had their most expensive unit (Nobz Mob) survive and had eliminated any opponents in our deployment zone and held 2 objectives for a grand total of 2100 points to zero for the Marines.

Played Scenerio 3 from the Mechanicon GT in a friendly 1850 point match with Edgar, Angel's brother. His army is Tyranids, called: Hive Fleet Eschelon.

The mission was table quarters. It went on to turn 6. It was a very close game, but the orks came up winners in a minor victory, controlling 1 quarter to zero for the 'nids.

Deployment was spearhead assault.

Victory against Jon K's Blood Angels with Chapter Master Dante in a 3000 point Seize Ground mission with 5 objectives in a Pitched Battle Deployment. Click here for more details.

Tournament History:
Cabin Fever GT,  Jan 29-31st 2010 (Adventurer's Guild): 6th place, and 2nd best sportsman, Ork Army Domination
Winters Eve at Valhalla Tournament 12/12/2009 - First Place
Freedom Alliance Tournament 2009(Adventurer's Guild): 3rd place
Mechanicon GT 2009: 23rd place, Ork Army Domination.
'Ard Boyz 2009 @ Adventuer's Guild: 5th place
Cabin Fever 2009: Mini-GT (Adventuer's Guild):  9th place, Best Appearance overall.
Cabin Fever 2010:  6th place, 3rd  Best Sportsman.  Ork Army Domination
Mechanicon 2010:  16th place.
Mechanicon 2010, Berks Kill Team tournament:  2nd place
Cabin Fever 2011:  4th place & 2nd Best Sportsman
Dakkacon 2011: Friday Night fights (BSA rules):  8th place.
'Ard Boyz 2011:  @ Last Level:  5th place.
Mechanicon 2011:  TBA
Read the battle reports here, here. and here.