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Berks Spring Assault 4!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Blood Bowl League game 2: AGBBL: Couronne Panthers vs. Mighty Sleestack

Blood Bowl League game 2: AGBBL: Couronne Panthers vs. Mighty Sleestack.

Having had a great start to the new season, (Season 9, AGBBL), my human team, the Corounne Panthers had to square off against a cagy opponent: Jaime and his infamous Lizardmen team: The Mighty Sleestack.

one thing that stands out most on this team is not the Strength:4 Sauruses, but the huge monstrous Kroxigor. The beast is huge, Strength:5, moves 6, and has a prehensile tail to trip you up. On top of all that, the Kroxigor is like all "Big Guys" and packs the Mighty Blow skill, thus allowing it to break armor and cause more injuries.

As fate would have it though, it was the Sleestack, and the Kroxigor "Grimlock" in particular that would have a difficult time this day.

The Panthers won the coin toss and elected to recieve the ball. The front line of blockers laid out amazing blocks, knocking flat the front defensive line of the Sleestack. With all of the Saurus warriors out of the way, Blitzer Na'il Diggs, #53, laid a crushing chop block into the Kroxigor potentially seriously injuring the beast for this game and the next to come. Early, 1st turn, and albiet, desperate use of the apothecary by the Sleestack would allow Grimlock the Kroxigor to return to the reserves.

With the huge beast out of the way, the Couronne Panthers continued to lay in solid blocks and attempt to make their way downfield. Desperate plays laced with clever dodges and questionable blocking decicions let to the Sleestack knocking the ball loose from Jake Delhomme, the Panther's Thrower, #17.

Skink #6, Tweet Anklebiter, knocked the ball loose and started to make his way off with it, trying to desperately get into the Panther's backfield and potentially score next turn. A solid blitz from the Panthers would again knock the ball loose, and soon enough, both teams were bogged down in a scrum vying to get shots at the ball.

Eventually Blitzer #51, James Anderson would make off with the football and get in for a score. He would also score a casualty this game, and put him into position to gain a skill increase.

The Panthers would score leaving the Sleestack 2 turns left in the first half. It wouldn't matter though as the dice just failed to aid the lizerdmen in any way.

Staring off the 2nd half the Mighty Sleestack tried to make a chance and get downfield with the ball. However, the Sleestack took to the field down 2 or 3 men and just couldn't come back. Bad dice rolls and fumbled balls allowed the Panthers to swarm the ball, create some good blocks and free up key fellow players to pull of a 2nd score of the game. The catcher was forced to pick the ball up and throw it deep to a lineman, #72: Duke Robinson.

Duke Robinson, #72,would manage to catch the ball and run in the 2nd score. This left the Sleestack down by 1 score and forced to take some desperate measures. The Sleestak then tried to rally themsleves to try and make a game out of it. But with having suffered 5 injuries on the day, their reserves pool was depleted.

Eventually just sheer numbers just overcame the Mighty Sleestack players and being outnumbered by 4 players was too much for them to comeback from. Skink Tweet Anklebiter, #6, would manage to find the ball and get in for a score, so it wasn't a total washout for the Lizardmen.

A great victory against a worthy opponent! The Couronne Panthers are 2-0!

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  1. Congrats on your win! Now I'm going to have to get in on this!