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Berks Spring Assault 4!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blood Bowl: AGBBL Season 9 kicks off.

Well, here it is, Season 9 for the AGBBL, the Adventurer's Guild Blood Bowl League. This is, in my opinion, the best game GW ever created. Since you only need 16 models to fill an entire roster, it's very affordable for many folks as well. However, that is the same reason that GW doesn't give it much support.

Aside from their gold mongering though, GW has kept the Blood Bowl game active because there are more than enough independent leagues and tournaments in worldwide that it is in their ultimate best interest to keep it together.

So here we go! I have been playing with the AGBBL in Harrisburg since season 3. Now into my 6th season with these guys, I turned to a team I've never run full course in a league before: Humans.

Sure, Humans are vanilla and can't do any one thing great. But, what the do lack in flash and flair they more than make up for in versatility. I have racked up a lot of experience with them online on, an online interractive league of blood bowl.

I started the season against a good friend, Jason, who also works at the Adventuer's Guild. Now, in Jason's defense, this is only his second season in the AGBBL, and he's learning. He took High Elves onto the field against my humans. Being the first game of the season for our teams, it was going to be sloppy as no players would have any advanced skills at this point.

We started off the game with Jason giving us the ball first. After trying to get started, my players fumbled picking up the ball to start the game. The High Elves closed in and after two turns we were looking at a classic Charlie-Foxtrot (A big mess!).

Eventually the ball popped loose and though the elves did manage to grab it and break away for a pass, fate would betray them and the Couronne Panthers would pull out an interception whist in 2 tackle zones. The elves were unable to stop the drive and a pass downfield with some clever blitzes created an opportunity for the Panthers to get on the board with the first TD of the game.

The first hald ended terribly for the Elves as one of their blizters tripped as he was dodging away from the Panthers players and he fell to the pitch, breaking his neck. The dead elf was carted off the pitch and the High Elfs of the Highway-To-The-Danger-Zone were in trouble.

The second half didn't go any better for the High Elves. A short kick and lack of man power thanks to some timely knock outs inflicted upon them by the Panthers left them short handed as well. They scrambled men out and flipped the ball out to try and make a run for a score, only to have their man knocked out of bounds with the ball. The fans threw the ball back into the field near midfield, away from the elves.

The Panthers managed to get to the ball and throw it downfield to a waiting lineman. That too would end up in another touchdown for the Panthers, putting them up 2-0.

Kicking off to the Elves once again, The elves tried their darndest to score and make something of this game. Pulling a classic streak down the sideline play, their pass was again intercepted! Two interceptions in one game! By Humans! Just outright craziness for Blood Bowl.

This would prove to be the nail in the coffin for the elves, as that last interception would lead to yet another Panther TD.

Like most games of this nature, this final event came down to dice rolls. When I needed them the most, my dice came through, and were pretty solid most of the game. As for Jason? Well, let's just say, he was rolling some dice he got from Dan Summey that have "Sum's Curse" listed where the 1 would be. And that pretty much spells it out for you there.

Jason took the loss well. Just bad luck for him. He's a great guy to play against and just didn't have lady luck on his side for this one.

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