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Berks Spring Assault 4!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

False Hope Crusade......Task Force Archer Enroute!

False Hope Crusade:  A message from the forces of Task Force Archer  (By John Tinney, who is away in Kuwait with the U.S. Navy and the Seabees serving our country).

Oh goody.... First a bit of fluff for reading then the registration...
News occasionally travels fast in the Warp…

Around a fire pit near a grounded Thunderhawk, the small band of wild haired Marines raised flagons of ale as their leader stood upon a rock, the bloody severed head of a sabertoothed tiger in his grasp. “WE FLY!! WE FLY TO THE SECTOR OF FALSE HOPE….” He bellowed and tossed the head to another marine in the gathering. “… WHERE MORE GLORY AWAITS BEOWULF AND THE SHADOW MASTIFFS
Cries of “Beowulf” were heard from the drinking men as Beowuif leapt from his rock and stalked around the fire pit.

Each statement brought a wordless yell from the men and only seemed to wind up the speaker more

Off to the side, two Marines stood and watched. The older of the two fingered the small imperial cross buried among the talismans on his chest. “Impetuous fool…”

The other snorted. “We all were at one time, Magnus. He is young and has the favor of Crom…”
A small flotilla floated in space around a verdant world, shuttles transiting between them and the ground below. In an observation bubble, a man in flowing robes watched the shipping and sighed as he glanced at a wrist chrono.
“Your Grace,” A silky toned female voice said as the door to the bubble opened. “About another three hours and the fleet will be prepared for movement.”

“Very Good Cannoness…” Was his reply. A long period of silence followed then he continued. “Were that our service was truly done, Leslie Anne… but heresy does not stay away long does it?”

She came up beside the man and stared out along side of him. “No… the whispers never cease to speak and those without the will shall always succumb. Especially when there is no guidance. The False Hope has not had any for some time… You know this, Inquisitor.”

“I do… and it pains me to see that some of MY own are behind this lack of faith in the Emperor and loyalty to the Imperium.”

A smile and the Cannoness slipped her arm inside of his “Then your Grace, we shall have to correct their lack of faith and loyalty, won’t we?”

A matching smile. “That we shall, My Dear… that we shall…”

Commander Bruno stalked the main Conference Room of the Dragon’s Fire awaiting the arrival of his Master. The headstrong captain seethed at the delay in deployment to False Hope… knowing his nemesis Krogg would be there wreaking havoc on Loyalist forces…. Forces he knew to be un-experienced at best against the Xeno Warlord.
Star Dragon Space Marines
Hearing the door open, he glanced up to see the lead member of the Master’s Honor Guard, the former Adepta Soroitas’ raven black hair cut short and the gold bolt pistol of her personal arms attached to her leg rig. “Battle-Master Nathanial bids you join him in Sim Room Four, Commander.”

Coming to attention, Bruno saluted the Senior Centurian. “Of Course Centurian.” He answered and made his way out of the conference room with a mind full of Questions. He knew the Master never went far without the Honor Guard and the precense of a female member would be enough to cause fits among some of the brother Chapters (the Ultramarines having the biggest issue, the arrogant pricks) but it was rare to see them away from him or without their helms.
It was these thoughts that accompanied him into Holosim Room Four and the Presence of Master Garro and his Council.
Ok then.
Registering the following armies as Forces of Order:

Star Dragons as led by Battle Master Garro Nathaniel (Bruno's Boss)

Order of the Steadfast Heart in service to Arch Inquisitor Kensai of the Ordo Hereticus (He has decided he sat on the sidelines too long)

Shadow Mastiffs as led by Battle Leader Beowulf (upstart space wolf with delusions of something...)

ETA to False Hope Sector is roughly 140 days untill arrival in theater.

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