Berks Spring Assault 4!

Berks Spring Assault 4!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Warhammer 40K: Orks vs. Dark Eldar

This is a battle report from January when my Orks of Krogg's Karnage took on Charlie "Dark Lance" and his Dark Eldar: The Kabal of the Sundered Fist.  This would also be my first time ever playing against Charlie.  It was a very good battle.  I haven't been posting for a bit due to just having moved into a new home.  So I figured to go with a report that I had not yet been able to type up into my blogs.

This was a 1000 point battle, mission was: Seize Ground with 3 objectives.

Even for 1000 points, this was a troop-heavy list for me.   Warboss with Power Claw, 20 'ard boyz, 20 shoota boyz, big mob of 30 slugga/choppa boyz, and a squad of gretchin.   Heavy support came in the form of some Killa Kanz.

Dark Eldar were set up behind cover and had a 3 Raiders with troops on board, a Ravager, as well as Charlie's infamous "Dark Lances".  2 Talos were also in their mix of surprises.

Ork turn 1:  Orks rumbled forth, bellowing out their battle cries over the snowy field.   Climbing over rocky out croppings, the 'ard boyz spread far and wide providing a "mean & fungus" shield for the rest of the orks.   As much of the ork long range firepower was lacking, most of the orks took to running, trying to make up ground and close the distance with the Dark Eldar.

DE turn 1:  The Dark Eldar were happy to sit back and unleash a volley of fire at the onrushing ork horde.  Much to their dismay when the smoke cleared, only 2 orks had fallen to their firestorm.    The orks didn't skip a beat, not noticing 2 dead amongst over 100 charging, screaming troops.

Ork turn 2:  Orks continued the original plan:  Move, run, charge, do whatever they could do to cross the field enmasse.   I figured if I gave Charlie too many targets to shoot, it would be too little too late for him and I could call a Waaagh next and assault his forces

DE turn 2:  The Dark eldar gamble on trying to take the fight to the orks.   A raider loaded with Haemoneculus charges in.   The 'ard boyz advance was slow due to poor dice rolls for running.  As such, the Homoneculi were out of assault range.  Still, their Acid spittle template weapons took out 4 of the orks.

Ork turn 3:  With the Haemonculus and Grotesque close in, the Killa kanz led off with shooting, the Grotzooka from one killing one of the foul creatures.   The 'ard boyz now in range, assaulted the Haemonculus as well.   The Assault would prove successful and the orks would than consolodate closer towards the icy shrine objective, but not before losing many of their number.  
Orks would attempt to continue to fight hard.   Lucky shots from shoota boyz manage to criple a couple of raiders.   Both times, crews were forced to bail out.  Now the Dark Eldar would have to fight on foot, just the way the orks liked it.

DE turn  3:   The next turn, the dark Eldar would unleash a torrent of fire into the 'ard boyz, cutting them down to just about 2 orks left in the squad.   Two of the killa can got taken down by dark lances (and squadron rules), being immobilized.  Because of squadron rules, immobilized vehicles are lost.   The grots of the Gretchin Mob had shown up just at the end of the turn, in resreve from the rear uit.

Ork turn 4:  It was not time to call a Waaagh!   Charllie moved a Talos into range and I know that these things are monsterous creatures.   So I tried to get the drop on it and move in right away.   The Ork Warboss Gnarsh led his men into the fight and he took down the Talos.    Rumor's have it that Gnarsh and his link to the ork Meks led to stories that they wanted Talos captured for "Eckspiraments".

The remaining 'ard boyz are joined in an assault by a Killa Kan.  The Dark Eldar Warriors fled the assault, but managaged to escape and outrun the orks.   Seeing as their enemies fled, the 'ard boyz consolodated closer to the central objective, the Icy scrying pool inside the shrine.

DE Turn 4:   The Warriors failed to rally, but rolled a "3" for movement and were just 1 inch shy of the board edge.

Another Dark Eldar Raider moved forth dropping it's troops to capture the central objective of the battle.  The main fight of the battle would now be for the central objective marker (a slave girl) as each side was firmly in controll of one objective marker on each of their sides.
As for the rest of the Dark Eldar, they poured all of their firepower into the 'ard boyz, cutting them down to just 2 in number, 1 boy and 1 nob, who was wounded with 1 wound left.

Ork Turn 5:  The remaining ork warriors were close to their opponents.  Now a large part of the Dark Eldar troops were on foot.   On one side, Ork troops stepped up, taking out a Talos.   The Big Meks would be happy to have these parts for some projects they were talking about.      However, a poor consolidation roll left the shoota boyz exposed, out of their wooded protection.   This lack of a cover save would imapct them quite a bit next turn.

On the North East corner, Boss Gnarsh pulled his troops back towards the central objective, leaving the Dark Eldar warriors to their objective, realizing they would be tough to force out with time running out.

DE Turn 5:  Manuvering troops around, one Raider flies to the South West to contest the ork objective and the Ravager moved to cut off the "Grots of Doom" and with intense firepower, sees the Grots running for safety. 

As for the orks in the woods, the concentrated Dark Eldar firing of Splinter cannons, Dark lances, dinsintegrators and more wipe out 10 orks from the shoota boyz squad.  Impressive, but not enough to send the orks running, leaving half the squad still intact.

Ork Turn 6:  Time running down, it was time to finish off all Dark Eldar Resistance.   The rest of the shoota boyz squad assaulted the raider that approached their objective.   They effectively tore the thing apart, securing their end of the battle field.

Ork forces central to the battlefield held their ground, Boss Gnarsh pulling his men back to secure the central objective leaving the Dark Eldar to the North East to their prize, attempting to win the battle 2-1.    Remaining ork units tried to shoot down or assault the Ravager that was threatening to contest the central objective, but sadly to no avail.

The last killa kan finally got a chance to go Toe-to-Toe (or Claw to Claw?) with the remaining Talos.   It was an epic battle that would carry over into the Dark Eldar Turn 6.

DE turn 6:  Making a last ditch effort to save a tie, the Dark Eldar needed the Talos to take down the Killa Kan and give it a chance to consolodate towards the shoota boyz.   Fate would see it differently though as the Kan crippled the Talos machine, scoring a second prize for the Big Meks back at the Ork camp.

The Dark Eldar Ravager, the only such flying vehicle left mobile, closed distance rapidly and contested the central objective.   This left Dark Eldar in control of the North East Objective, Orks in control of the South West objective, and the central objective contested, resulting in a tie.

For the orks, it was a moral victory, as the goal was to take out the Talos machines so that there would be prizes to bring to the Big Meks.   With the success of the deff dread "Skorponox" of Krogg's Karnage, there has been rumors of more such devices being built, and Talos seem to be an ideal platform for such devices.

The lone Killa Kan tows one of the Talos machines back to Ork camp for "Eksperamentations by da Big Meks".

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