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Berks Spring Assault 4!
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Warhammer 40K Battle Report: Orks vs. Space Marines

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Orks vs. Space Marines

Krogg’s Karnage vs. The Frozen Son’s Space Marines Chapter
Mission: Seize Ground (5 objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War, 2000 points per side.

Well, it’s been a while since I got a good big fight in with my orks of Krogg’s Karnage. I was delighted that Cory Roth, a new player we met last year, has grown his Space Marines army and came by to visit me for a game.

This was part fun and part instruction, as Cory is still learning the rules and how to play his army. I also had some changes in my normal tournament list I wanted to try, and 2000 points gave me the extra room to fit in some fun stuff.

As I am big on fluff and back story with my armies, I will fill in the storyline for this mission soon enough. My forces for this battle were as follows:

HQ: Warboss with Powerclaw, eavy armor, bosspole and cybork body, kombi shoota/skorcha
HQ: Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, ‘eavy armor

30 man mob of ork boyz, sluggas & choppas, Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole and ‘eavy armor
20 man mob of shoota boyz, 2 x big shootas,
10 man mob of shoota boyz, 1 x big shoota
20 strong mob of gretchin with 2 runt herders
20 man mob of ‘ard boyz…slugga & choppa, ‘eavy armor, and nob with ‘uge choppa and bosspole

Heavy: 3 x Killa kanz mob (big shotta, rokkit launcha, & grotzooka)

Fast attack:
20 man mob of Stormboyz, Nob w/ ‘eavy armor, bosspole, ‘uge choppa
20 man mob of Stormboyz, Nob w/ ‘eavy armor, bosspole, power claw
3 x Warbuggies, all with twin-linked Rokkit Launchas

5 man mob of Tankbustas, 2 bomb squigs, 1 x Tankhammer
15 man mob of Kommandos, 1 burna, 1 rokkit launcha, & Boss Snikrot

We set up a woodland scene, and since my last battle at the fire station was against Eric Bates and his Blood Angels against my guard, I figured to use that as the basis for this fight. I call the home area: Gnidaer (Reading spelled backwards), as this is the city that I work in and I am from.
In the aftermath of the fight between Blood Angles and The Cadian 17th, several key components were left behind that were of interest. Arriving forces of the newly formed Frozen Son’s chapter of marines, that have been working with both the Star Dragons as well as the Blood Angels chapters have been sent in to back up the Lamenters Marines and Space Wolves who have all been working diligently with various Imperial forces in the Gnidaer sector.

Gnidear. A Haven of dark forces in the galaxy. So many points of interest, between lost artifacts, Warp signatures and findings, as well as lost technology from debris scattered from a long lost space hulk that impacted upon the planet some many years ago. The findings also revealed a lost civilization and this has drawn interest from all manner of beings. Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperial forces, Tau forces, other Xenos, and of course, the main planet of Waaagh! Krogg!, as the Warlord Krogg Satogg has made this the home of his ork empire that is growing.
It seems as though the Frozen Son’s were planning on picking up the pieces and key elements from that last battle. Ork forces also had plans on making a trip there, and their scouts had known about the incoming Marines. Warboss Atogg, Krogg’s 2nd in command was dispatched with a strike force to intercept the inbound Marine forces and take the prizes before they could and if possible, kill as many marines in the process.

Striking at night time, Ork spies knew the drop location of the Marine forces and detected scouts moving into position. Warboss Atogg sent the Big Mek, Xox Grotsmasha to set up a firing position along with his mob of gretchin guards (known as the “Grots of Doom” ) who took position hiding amongst some trees. The ‘ard boyz mob led by Skuzzbukket, took charge and ran his mob of boyz far across the field. He was offered first pick of the loot if his boyz could seek out the enemy commander and take him out (if he survived, Atogg mused).
Orks deployed first and had the first turn. The battlefield was set up (by Cory’s friend Mitchell), with woods scattered around, rocky bluffs on the West side, some rocky bluffs and hills on the East side.

Ork Turn 1: Orks first turn under the cover of darkness was somewhat unremarkable. All infantry units moved and ran, Jump infantry mobs came in behind the wall of ‘ard boyz, using them as moving cover. The Red Storm squad led by the Red Baron leaped first, followed behind by the White Storm of Nob Chubby Chekkaz and his stormboyz.
Nob Gammor and his mob of 30 boyz and the tankbustas came up behind them. Only the warbuggies were into any position to shoot anything, and they saw some sniper scouts up high on a rocky bluff on the West side, but were unable to hit anything.
Space Marines turn 1: Lots of mechanized infantry rolled onto the field as they were led by Chapter Master Raith Metcher. Taking center position North and central of the orks, he ordered his forces forward. A Rhino and Razorback appeared to the North East shooting down one ‘ard boy. Scout snipers on the Bluff led by master Sgt Mace (Telion profile) also killed another ‘ard boy. The ‘ard boyz were lit up by the searchlight on the Razorback, allowing all Frozen Son’s forces to shoot at them.
An assault squad leaped forward
Than a Vindicator tank rolled up the middle of the Marines line, blasting 3 more ‘ard boyz away with it’s Demolisher cannon. More fire support in the form of a Whirlwind tank rolled up with another Rhino and Razorback on the North West. The Whirlwind took down 3 more ‘ard boyz under a volley of fire.
taking cover behind trees whilst another tactical squad made it’s way forward. More scout snipers took position behind the trees, looking for orks to kill.
Ork turn 2: Now seeing a full enemy force as the sun started to rise, Atogg ordered his troops into fight. Warbuggies raced down the Western flank, their WPG (Waaagh Propelled Grenades) Rokkit Launchas finding their mark as explosions rocked the Razorback APC tank to the Northwest. Stunned and now down it’s main armament, the tank was pretty much useless.
In the enemy rear, Boss Snikrot and the Karnage Kommandos arrived early and jumped into a Space Marine devastator squad. Sadly even though they outnumbered the marines 3 to 1, they only killed 3 of the 5 man squad and were stuck in combat.

On the eastern flank the ‘ard boyz moved closer to the Chapter Master Raith (using Pedro Kantor profile) and shot down a couple of the marines with him. Behind them, The Red Baron and his red squad of stormboyz jumped, and the Baron himself shot down another one of the Marine commander’s squad.
Marine turn 2: More firepower from the Space Marines started to take it’s toll on the orks. A squad of Vanguard Veteran Assault Marines jumped in from an overhead ship, landing expertly right between the Grots of Doom and the Big Mek and the rocky outcropping that the Tank Bustas were climbing over.
Space Marines on the East side deployed out of their transports and started firing into the red mob of stormboyz, killing 12 of them. Chapter Master Raith called in an orbital strike into the ‘ard boyz, killing a couple of them and another stormboyz in the process.

The guns on the transports and snipers concentrated fire into the ‘ard boyz and Red mob of stormboyz, gunning more down. The Vindicator tank added it’s firepower to the mix taking out 2 more ‘ard boyz.
Scouts on the Western bluff tore the gun off of one of the war buggies, and a lascannon shot from the tactical marine squad in the back lines incinerated one of the killa kanz, causing it to explode.

Chapter Master Raith led his men into an assault with the few remaining ‘ard boyz (5 I think), but the Nob Skuzzbukket killed a marine and the boyz killed the sergeant and injured the Chapter Master.
The Marines pulled back a tactical squad and the Assault Marines to join in with the devestators fight with Snikrot and the Kommandos. That was just too many men for the Kommandos to fend off, and Snikrot made good his escape as his men were cut and chased down.
The Vanguard Veterans that jumped into the fray assaulted the Tankbustas, killing 3 of them.

Ork turn 3: Atogg was happy to see so much fighting going on. Snikrot’s band may have been run off, but the distraction he caused by tying up 3 marine units gave the orks more time to cross the battlefield.
The roar of jetpacks caught his ears, and when he saw the Vangaurd troops come his direction, into the tankbustas, he ordered his mob of boyz to follow him into a fight.
The Warbuggies raced along the base of the Bluff on the West, their missles striking true again, this time neutralizing the big missles on the Whirlwind tank. The shock attack gun and shoota boyz opened fire into marines, but the gun only killed 2 of the Assault marines.

The Red Baron and a handful of stormboyz leaped forward and into the squad from the Razorback, that was packing melta guns. One stormboy fell, but 3 of the marines fell to choppas. Nob Chubby Chekkaz led his mob of stormboyz into glory seeing the Chapter Master and they managed to finish off Commander Raith and his troops.
Warboss Atogg called a Waaagh! To get him closer to the Vanguard troops and as he did so, his band managed to finish off the Vetrans, the Warboss cutting down 2 more with his massive power claw.
Marines turn 3: Seeing their leader go down, the Marines seem to fight even harder than before. The demolisher turned it’s guns on the Stormboyz and blew away 8 of them from the White Storm mob. The second tactical squad that deployed from their Rhino moved in closer, and gunned down 6 more Stormboyz. The scout squad in the center of the Marine lines opened up with Hellfire rounds, killing another 3 stormboyz. The concentrated firepower was really doing damage to the orks.
On the Western front, The Lascannon marine fired again, taking out another Killa Kan, blowing a hole clear through where the grot pilot was once hard-wired into the diabolic machine. The Scouts, aided by Veteran Master Sgt mace, targeted the warbuggies and blew up the one they took the guns off once before.

The Remaining troops from the Razorback was tied up with the Red Baron, and they caused him to fall back. He got away and than turned around to take the fight again to the orks.

Ork turn 4: Seeing men get cut down, Xox Grotsmasha decided he had to do something about the Vidicator tank. A massive blob of snotlings opened up through a warphole above the vindicator, covering it in green screaming snotlings. The creatures distracted the gunners enough to allow them not to shoot for a moment. (Stunned, but the tank had extra armor, so was only shaken).
The lone Killa kan with Grotzooka moved forward and fired into the scouts on the bluff, killing one of them. The 2 warbuggies moved closer to the woods in the center of the battlefield, firing off shots into the whirlwind again, but not doing any more permanent damage to it.

While Warboss Atogg urged his troops forward and start guarding valued key objectives (squad was big enough with 30 boyz to spread over 2 objectives), his lone Tankbusta, “Slugga” marched toward the Vindicator with his two pet “bomb squigs”.
The Red Baron and his mob chased down the lone Sergeant and the White storm mob of Chubby Chekkaz slammed into the other tactical squad, killing 6 of the 10 marines.

Marine turn 4: Shaken, but not stirred, the Vindicator moved into a safer position and popped it’s smoke launchers. The rhino from the Eastern tactical squad moved to protect another valuable objective and also popped off it’s smoke launchers for protection.
The troops on the Western front concentrated all of their fire into the lone killa kan with the Grotzooka. Despite Missles, lascannons and various other sorts of gunfire, the Kan would not be slowed down and was only shaken and kept coming forward. The other snipers managed to shake one of the buggies as well, stopping it from firing for a turn.
The assault with the White Stormboyz mob left only 1 more marine dead while the rest held their own against the orks.

Ork turn 5: On the Western side of the battlefield, shoota boyz as well as the Mek and the Shokk Attack Gun, continued to pump fire into the scouts up on the bluff. The scouts camo cloaks protected them well (that extra +1 for cover saves) and they continued to save all of their wounds.
The lone killa kan engaged the Marines in front of it, killing one but was shaken again by the marine sergeant with a power fist.
The boyz in the middle kept spreading out to protect their vital objectives. Slugga moved into position to unleash a bomb squig into the Marine Rhino, but the squig went wild and ran West, catching one of the warbuggies and blowing the wheels off of it and toppling the vehicle over.
The Red Baron leaped over the vehicles, positioning himself by the fuel tank of the Razorback tank. With a mighty swing, his ‘uge choppa, affixed with a stikkbomb grenade impacted the vehicles’s vital spots and the machine exploded in an impressive explosion, leaving just a crater and shrapnel in it’s wake.

Nob Chubby Chekkas was in a fight, losing another stormboy, leaving him with 3 men vs. 4 marines. At this point, the orks were in possession of 3, possibly 4 objectives.
Marine turn 5: The 3 remaining Assault Marines leaped over the fray trying to come to the aid of the marines tied up with the stormboyz. The Vindicator tank freed itself up and turned it’s weapons upon the large mob of orks before it, blasting away 8 of the orks. Snipers in the back gunned down 2 more of the Warboss’s mob. Assault Marines moved into position with coming to the aid of the Tactical squad in the rear, trying to hold onto one of the objectives in the North east.

In the rounds of the assaults, the stormboyz got cut down and the marine sgt hit the control valve on Chubby Chekkaz rokkit pack, causing the Ork Nob to fly off into the sky and off into a wide and far angle, never to be seen again. (this battle).
On the East, Marines were engaged with the Killa kan, Scouts trying to gun down the shoota boyz and keep them off one of the objectives. The Whirlwind tank moved to position itself to tank shock the mob of boyz and maybe get them off of the central objective. (and maybe contesting it)
Ork turn 6: Seeing Chubby Chekkaz leaving the battle, The Red Baron looked back and saw the Marine sergeant standing there by an objective. He leaped into the area, and engaged the man. As chain sword crossed ‘uge choppa, the two locked their weapons and struggled. As the marine sergeant brought his pistol to bear, The Red Baron activated his jump valve, causing the two of them to disappear into the sky and fly off into the woods, leaving the battle.
Warboss Atogg detatched himself from the 30 man mob and jumped onto the Whirlwind tank, ripping it’s tracks out and immobilizing the vehicle. Slugga, the tankbusta, turned his other bomb squig loose and the creature impacted harmlessly into the siege shield of the vindicator tank, removing the shield, but leaving the tank intact.
Marine turn 6: The Vindicator tank turned it’s attention to the large mob of ork boyz that was once 30 strong. The greenskins were spread out, covering 2 objectives. (yes, this is legal). The Assault Marines jumped up into the area and gunned down the lone tankbusta, as if this went another turn, he could have brought his tank hammer to bear upon the Vindicator (STR 10 in assaults!).

On the Western side, scouts kept gunning down shoota boyz. Master Sgt. Mace was picking off orks near an objective, trying to remove the ones closest to it.
The Killa kan killed another marine, but one of the marines successfully placed a krak grenade on the claw arm and blew the actuators off, crippling the dreadnought close combat weapon.

(At the end of turn 6, orks controlled 3 objectives, Marines 0).
Ork turn 7: The orks in the center of the battlefield had positioned themselves to control 2 objectives. 3 Assault Marines were nearby. The Nob gave the order to hold ground and shoot. They killed 2 of the 3 marines. Warboss Atogg could have gone after the Vindicator, but instead tried to shoot down the lone Assault marine sgt, and failed.
On the West, shoota boyz moved forward, one squad claiming one objective, the second squad running but falling just short of another objective. (Orks currently held 3 objectives).

The Killa kan was still tied up with troops, but the shoot boyz and Shokk Attack Gun finally chased the scouts off the bluff, causing them to fall back.
Marine turn 7: Trying their best to make this a moral victory, the Frozen Son’s had to pull back, losing their leader and just still outnumbered. The Sergeant with the powerfist on the Western front managed to immoblize the Killa kan, but not wreck it. Had they wrecked it, they could have consolidated and claimed the Western objective, but alas, the Killa Kan kept them pinned down.
The Vindicator fired into the orks, who more than half of them were now in cover in the woods and it only managed to kill 1 of them.

The snipers and marines in back with Lascannon fired into the Warboss, managing to injure Atogg with the Lascannon, but not able to put him down. All of the others, missle launchers and such, all missed their marks.
In a last act of heroism, the Assault Marine Sergeant leaped into the fray and engaged the massive mob of orks all by himself. His Gambit did pay off in a bit, as his assault pulled the orks off of the 3rd objective. This ork mob was spread out over 2 objectives, but with having to pile into an assault, the Marine pulled them 6 inches off. Sure, the Marine died, but the orks only consolidated 2 inches, way too short to go back and control that last objective.
The battle was over. In the end, the orks controlled 2 objectives and the Marines zero. This was such a closely fought battle that when looking at Standard Victory Points, the Orks scored: 1542, and the Marines: 1389 (close enough for a draw in my book).

Krogg’s Karnage was victorious, but I think that Cory can go home feeling very proud of the fight he gave me. And most of all, we had fun!


  1. I really enjoyed the story you injected into your bat-rep!