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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day Gift

I got this email from MiniWarGaming and I had to laugh.    It is an advertisement for shopping for Valentines Day.    The best part is how it is written.  I really got a chuckle out of that and enjoyed the 'thought' so much that I am copying it to my blog.

This is the email I got from them, and it is true, they are running a sale on Battleforces:

Hey, Mike.  Are you looking for that perfect Valentine's gift for your significant other?
Can't figure out what to get her (or him)? Forget chocolates, flowers, and perfume - all those say are "I only bought you this because it is Valentine's day!"

Instead, show her how much you care by buying something that you would really want to keep yourself. Something that says, "Let's spend more time together assembling and painting miniatures!"  Something that says, "I love you."  This weekend, all that is possible with our super-awesome 40k Battleforce and Fantasy Battalion 25% off Valentine's Day Sale!

All 40k Battleforces and Fantasy Battalions will be marked down to 25% off of the normal retail price.

This sale starts tomorrow, Friday, February 11th and ends on Monday, February 14th (at noon Eastern time).

You can see everything that will be on sale here:

Don't miss out!
And Happy Valentine's Day!
Matthew, Dave, and all the staff from MiniWarGaming

97 Terrace Ave, Welland, ON L3C6K1, CANADA


  1. Another effective sales letter would be "buy yourself something that will keep you busy, allowing her to watch her own TV shows and chick-flicks as you paint your miniatures!"

  2. Valentine's Day brings in the season of watching some romantic, passion filled and ardent movies with your darling. A candle light dinner, soft music, dim lights and a romantic movie are the main ingredients.